Click the "Reset Password" link under the password entry field and insert your Password Reset Disk. The initial startup screen may be similar as the image below. Click on “Reboot” button there. Insert the installation disk into your PC and restart it. If the password is wrong, keep putting it 5 times in a row just to make the “Reset password…“ link visible on the screen. It’s normal, we have so many things stored in our head that everyone tends to forget something. Step 2: Once the “Reset password…” link is displayed, click on it. For Lenovo laptops, specifically, the Windows Password Reset software seems the best option. 2. Follow all the steps we have mentioned below to unlock your Lenovo laptop. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Reset Windows Password to Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop. Take any computer or laptop that is easily accessible and connected to the internet. If you are the one who wants to solve the Lenovo password problem, then you came to the right place. Now you can use it to reset password on Lenovo laptop. These could be Lenovo, IBM, Asus, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, HP, Dell and more. Let's go through a fairly painless procedure to reset forgotten Windows 10 password on Lenovo Yoga laptop or tablet. You have successfully reset the password. Then you have to unlock your laptop with the aid of iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer. But when you forget the password of your PC, your access to all the data and other stuff gets restricted. Method 1: Reset Password on Lenovo Laptop without Disk Using Windows Password Reset. Type net user fuzi 123 and hit Enter. Click “Finish”. Then, restart the computer and press the “F12” button on your keyboard to enter into the Boot menu. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Wait until the bootable disk completes the burning process. Select the users you want to reset, then click "Reset Password" and "Reboot" options consecutively to finish the recovery process. It simply extract hash value from local database and crack the password … You can now log into your Lenovo laptop with the new password. Way 1. Forgot to create a bootable password disk in advance? Go and have a look at your Lenovo ThinkPad/IdeaPad/YOGA laptop to see if there is a Recovery key on it. Any easy way to change the password? Once you are done with all the above three steps the issue you were facing must have been resolved by now. Step 5: Once the next page is visible, type a new password that you want to use further. 1. Or restore Lenovo laptop to factory settings can become another choice. Step 3: Now hit the “I forgot my password” option. Here is our last method. Type in your password to access you account. Wondering how? PC CMOS Cleaner is an easy-to-use tool to recover, delete, decode and display the superior passwords stored in BIOS whatever the brand is. Reset Lenovo Laptop Password with Super Administrator Account; Way 2. Novo button is a small circular button usually near the power button or on the left side of the laptop. Step 3. Restart your Lenovo computer, this time, it will boot from USB drive. Select the particular Windows system in your Lenovo laptop that you want to reset password. Type in the following command and press the “Enter” button to check the number of user accounts on your Lenovo laptop. Note: Here, “username” is the username of your locked laptop. Scroll down to know it all. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Keep your USB drive connecting to your locked Lenovo computer and restart your Lenovo laptop.