Monkfish are known as the "poor man’s lobster,” with a similar texture, look, and flavor to its fellow bottom-dweller. They are typically served with garlic butter or marinara sauce, so you would taste that too. For those that don't like, more for us that do. Lobster has a sweeter and lighter taste … You can find freshwater mussels in both shallow water and very deep water. Scallops, oysters and mussels dominate a good portion of our entrees, so it’s important we distinguish the flavor differences. Clams and mussels should be steamed and eaten with melted butter or garlic butter. Answer Save. But the benefits do not stop there! Stronger flavor? Or linguine and mussels if you like Italian. Mussels with shells that do not open during the cooking process should also be avoided. But I saw for the first time mussels served with no shell, and was wondering if maybe I should try them. I have read the previous answers, and feel that there is a lot of bias towards the bad. The fish has a meaty texture, a mild, sweet flavor, and is often used in fine dining and French cooking. We have seen plenty of people … TESTING THE MUSSELS: Start out by checking which of the mussels are good (there are usually some that are bad). Escargot, like any other seafood, should be chewed. Mussels like some other sea foods seem to put you off at first but as time goes on you Do mussels taste like clams? Every time I am in Paris, I would never pass up an opportunity to have my favorite steamed mussels pot, where loads of mussels are steamed with white wine, garlic, parsley, and served with French fries.. And if you don’t like mussels, these toppings will work well with Oysters or Clams! Ocean mussels taste a little like saltwater with a mild taste. You will find a touch of fruit in these wines in the form of almost pithy citrus flavors and subtle unripe apple or pear notes. A mussel feeds by filtering water through the body. not clams. Be it their mysterious life style and nature or their taste, seafood items are equally intriguing to all cooks worldwide. Jokes on me hahahahahahahahahahaha They're similar to clams. Though it has a taste that similar to a crab, it is not the same at all. I, for one, love oysters but I do not like mussels for whatever reason (fear of food poisoning is one). I cooked it in the oven with butter and a little lemon pepper. It is a very specific taste quite hard to qualify. Like most seafood, mussels are low in both sodium and saturated fat. Fresh monkfish generally lacks the “fishy” taste many associate with eating ocean fish. I tried mahi while working at red lobster and enjoyed it. Mussels right? So i tried cooking it for my family. Some kinds of freshwater mussels are harder to find than others. Let us tempt you with our tasty mussel recipes. The male mussels are cream colored and the females are coral. ... Zebra mussels have stripes. They look slimy and unappealing from the exterior but the taste is quite exclusive. 10 months ago. 9 years ago. Mussels. When I'm buying them at the supermarket, they don't taste fresh at all. Both are molluscs and the main difference is where they came from: mussels thrive in saltwater and freshwater, while clams are only found in freshwater. Don't worry about what they taste like. 2. And this is the reason why it is a lot more expensive compared to other shellfish. Freshwater mussels have a more pungent, bitter taste. It’s because of this that most mussels sold in supermarkets and fishmongers are farmed. And with todays farming progressions, we harvest these bad boys just like fruits. Scallops taste like a mild, firm white fish when seared perfectly, a bit rubbery if overcooked. Relevance. So, I went to Costco, bought a 5-lb pack of mussels and developed this easy steamed mussels recipe. Used to drop oysters in my draught beer during the 70s. They're wonderful, you're missing out! Question. Sure, it’s cool that scallops have eyes, but we care a little more about what they taste like after our awesome chefs are done with them. What Does Monkfish Taste Like? Thank you for your help. These Mussels were made using Frozen New Zealand Mussels on the half shell, but the black cultivated mussels you see in local grocers will work as well. British mussels are at their most succulent and plentiful in the chilly autumn and winter months. Ever wonder why mussel meat are different colors? The green mussels at a sushi bar are baked with a creamy sauce you cannot beat; try those. Lees-aged Muscadet attain an almost lager-like taste with a creamy texture and yeasty flavor. Clams and mussels have a distinctive flavor which is hard to … When fresh and from good waters, these are truly fruits of the sea. These salt water mussels are bivalves just like oysters, clams, and scallops. I'm just wondering if you can compare them to another food for me. i've only had fried clams (once), and i don't think i've ever eaten a mussel. Ronald D. Lv 5. I have only recently started to eat mussels, but when I'm buying them at a good quality fish monger, they are fresh and delicious. The flavor is unique, but mild, and hard to describe, like, "What does a mussel, oyster or clam taste like?" Yes No. Her highway store, Susan's Seafood, primarily sells crabs, shrimp, clams, crawfish and mussels. Texture is smooth and chewy, taste is salty and very sea like. These groups have in common a shell whose outline is elongated and asymmetrical compared with other edible clams, which are often more or less rounded or oval. Do you chew them or kind of swallow them whole? but otherwise reminiscent of "the sea". Thanks! I love most seafood, and especially mussels and oysters. They both taste the same however – delicious! what do mussels taste like? Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Mussels, on the other hand, have a mild but distinctive taste to them. Applies to both farmed and wild mussels (blue mussels). They taste like the sea, are soft, and have a tender chewiness. However it still is an acquired taste. Wastewater exits the mussel's body through the excurrent syphon. Do you Chew Escargot? Sit down and eat a few fried, a few grilled and a few baked. "It doesn't taste like chicken" Walker sells his catches to Susan Fletcher of New Church, Virginia. Although I would advise steaming them first before adding the toppings before placing them in the oven. Squeeze the open mussels with your … click4chick2003. Relevance. How each one tastes, that is! Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. I didnt tell them it was fish until it was all gone. Favourite answer. The most common blue or European mussels have sleek, shiny shells and tender, nutritious flesh. What do freshwater mussels taste like? Unlike clams, a mussel may be alive and fit for consumption even if its shell is open before it is cooked. My family doesnt like the strong fishy taste either. 3 Answers. 1 decade ago. Is there a certain dish I should try for the first time? Mussels done properly in white wine and butter are great. Mussels are bivalves, like clams and oysters, that live in both saltwater and freshwater habitats. Now i … Water enters through the incurrent syphon organ and moves through the body via the motion of cilia. If you like shrimp and other shell fish you will like oysters. Indeed, lobster offers a unique flavor to anyone’s palate. The taste of mussels can probably best be described as 'a taste of the sea'. A lot of people find it interesting but are intimidated to take the step to taste it or cook it; this is borne out of fear of what to expect or fear of possible adverse reactions that may follow. So, what does lobster taste like? Are they similar to clams? It all works out in the end, for everybody. Don't just dump the mussels in a pan and let 'er rip. While this does not affect the mussel, the botulism toxin is passed to fish that eat that the mussels. No they do not and Mussels are best steamed with some white wine, butter and garlic. Tapping the shell lightly should cause it to close back up. The longer on lees, the richer the texture; many producers will age their best wines 2–3 years in this fashion. What They Look Like PEI Mussel shells are smooth, with a bluish black D-shaped shell. Always Add Aromatics. The national dish is mussels and french (Belgium) fries. But, similar to escargot, mussels are also prepared using different ingredients that improve on and enhance their flavor. They should smell fresh and briny like the ocean and beach, but not have a strong fishy smell. I've always wanted to try mussels but think I might not like them. 1 … – citizen Sep 20 '12 at 13:29 Dec 22, 2019 - Seafood always attracted us towards its world. Revered for their light taste and tender consistency, mussels are rich in vitamins and minerals that play a big role in your overall health. I like em raw with some red sauce and a few crackers. Showing 1-12 of 22 recipes Mussels are an interesting item in the seafood dish. 10 Answers. EDIT: I cant believe I replied honestly to a year old thread. Mussels are one of the most nutrients giving mollusks in the sea. Strong flavor and a little chewy. I have seen mussel dishes in restaurants, and I have always been put off by the fishy smell which seemed to me quite intense. You can find good oysters at Acme and just about any restaurant in NOLA. The Best Steamed Mussels. My family thought it tasted like chicken. They kind of taste like the ocean. Like oysters, they are indiscriminate feeders and must be gathered from unpolluted waters. I wonder if people still do this. Better if you have them in Belgium. How do mussels taste like? Mussel (/ ˈ m ʌ s ə l /) is the common name used for members of several families of bivalve molluscs, from saltwater and freshwater habitats. Before you cook the shellfish, sauté some chopped onion, garlic, and/or ginger.